Until last week’s denunciations, this were a giddy month of gays.

Until last week’s denunciations, this were a giddy month of gays.

The chairman that is in opposition to homosexual marriages could carry out with a ‘straight guy’ makeover, writes Maureen Dowd.

Why don’t we obtain it straight. The President plus the Pope aren’t driving the fresh homosexual revolution. “I think a married relationship try between men and a female,” said George Bush last week. “And I envision we must codify that certain way or perhaps the other. And then we’ve had gotten attorneys studying the easiest way to achieve that.” Attempting to include a tolerant note to an intolerant policy, the guy mentioned he was “mindful we’re all sinners”.

Finally times I inspected, we had divorce of chapel and state, so I don’t know the reason why the chairman try dealing with sin, or precisely why he could be implying that gays who wish to render a permanent willpower in some sort of filled with divorce case and loneliness is sinners.

Whenever we follow Bush’s logic, shouldn’t we’ve a one-strike-and-you’re-out constitutional modification: no wedding for gays, but no next matrimony for straights who confirm they’re not around it?

The Vatican, usually wanting to erase traces between chapel and condition, informed Catholic lawmakers it would be “gravely immoral” to vote for homosexual relationship or homosexual adoption – tinny preaching after revelations about homosexuality for the priesthood.

1st the Great Judge blessing. After that Hollywood’s raft of gay-themed tasks, from J.Lo’s lesbian turn in Gigli for the BravoTV truth shows, Boy joins man and Queer eyes your Straight Guy.

Queer vision, a makeover hit, from the address of enjoyment Weekly, includes five homosexual guys

Maybe we must waste plant, stranded within his 1950s field of hypermasculinity as his nation goes gay and metrosexual (directly people with femme preferences, for example facials). (more…)

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