I’m a professional tarot reader with 20 years of experience

I’m a professional tarot reader with 20 years of experience

Does the Hanged people Mean “Yes” or “No”?

The Hanged people in tarot is one of those iconic photos that often appears in movies. It’s quickly recognizable, but a lot of people suffer from its interpretation. This information tries to unveil certain secret that shrouds the Hanged Man in tarot readings.

To start, it could be best when the card got called, “The holding Man”, rather than the Hanged Man, which appears somewhat critical. The person within the graphics is obviously not dead if not struggling. Generally in most decks he could be illustrated hanging by one-foot. He’s typically comfortable so that as relaxed as somebody in a straightforward pilates create.

The Twelfth Popular Arcana

The Hanged people will be the twelfth credit on the significant Arcana. In the near order of the tarot the guy comes immediately after fairness and before dying. That nevertheless does not imply it really is linked to a death sentence, in spite of the past and following cards.

In Numerology, 12 is lower to 3, so this card relates to some other three cards when you look at the deck: the Empress, the whole world and all the small threes.

The Traditional Explanation from the Hanged People

The most common presentation with this credit is the fact that seeker is actually briefly caught. That s/he is actually a holding structure waiting for what to transform. The advice using this cards would be that it’s far better opt for they. To hold within, to not rock and roll the motorboat till the efforts modification and change into things a little more energetic. (more…)

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